Sunday, August 30, 2015

too many moments, too many memories, yet too little time

It has been 10 months. So many things happened, new people came, the most loved one gone, something obtained, and I am growing up. 

It's amazing how far a single dream can get you, how many people you meet along the way, how many paths with their respective rides you can choose. I was only a 4th grader, barely 10 years old, when I said absentmindedly that being an architect is my goal. I dont even know what it was, beside an architect is supposed to know how many tiles you need to cover your entire house.

But then, it strived me to where I am now. As well as who I am with now. The people who I never know would've taken a part in my life and been the best support system at the lowest stage of it. And all that things happened because Allah always listen, for every single words we say.

ayah mama (tari)
The sole reason I push my self over and over again, yet even I push myself to the edge, I will never be there. Because they will do anything to set the boundaries far away ahead, thus I can always step forward. I love you, I hope I say it more so you know.

the best supporting system
For all the prayers, the cheers, the laughters, time, and energy you've spent on me. I owe you so much. I know none comes for no reason. So remember that you are always meant something for me, because I will.

amazing people i met along the way
For the struggles, the sweats and tears, the inspirations, and the stories. I can't ask for more. Thank you for showed up out of nowhere and entered my life.

I miss you so bad that it hurts. So bad that I cry myself to sleep every single night. It's exactly a month, 30 days since you're gone. You should be there, watched me being graduated. You should be there said that you're proud of this first granddaughter of yours. Bu, Anis kangen sama Ibu. Anis kangen bantuin Ibu masak, bikin tape uli, nganter Ibu ke tempat Ustadjah, ke kondangan, ke temapt ngaji, beliin Ibu pecel lele, bubur ayam, masangin Ibu koyo, potongin rambut Ibu, ngitungin arisan. Ibu, Anis kangen sekali. Terima kasih buat semuanya. Maaf Anis belum sempat kasih Ibu banyak hal. Anis sayang Ibu, sayang sekali.

At last, I'm sorry if I couldn't manage to show it properly how I am thankful for everything you've done for me. But I assure you that the prayers never stop, asking for the best things for all of you.

Always thankful,
Annisa Permata Sari, S. Ars